THINK Before Buying a Puppy this Christmas!

Every January Dog Rescues receive new residents because someone thought buying a cute little puppy was such a good Christmas present idea! And then on Boxing Day realised that it was not a cuddly toy that could be put away in a box after the kids finished playing with it or got bored with it.

Christmas Dog 1
Image credit: Shared via German Shepherd Dog Rescue Facebook group

And so the cycle continues… And Puppy Farms thrive… And the work of  Dog rescues and animal shelters becomes tougher and tougher with more and more dogs getting abandoned.

So PLEASE THINK! Do you have the time and the energy to bring up a puppy? It will grow bigger and it will need daily walks and occasionally there will be vet bills. Oh and it needs to be fed too, every day!

And if you do have the time, energy, funds and genuinely want a companion please contact a reputable Dog Rescue like German Shepherd Dog Rescue. They have many beautiful dogs in kennels desperately waiting for a forever home. Give a kennel dog a warm, comfortable home this Christmas.

I hear you say you would love to adopt a dog but a small one, a German Shepherd could be too big for you to manage. OK. Contact your local dog rescue, there are all breeds of lovely dogs waiting. There are many Animal rescues all over the country, search on the internet for one in your area. If you are in the Stamford – Peterborough area I can recommend Animal Helpline Dog Rescue where all my dogs were adopted from. They have lovely Staffy, Jack Russell and other small to medium breed dogs who are equally in need of a loving home.

Give Kennel Dogs in Rescue Shelters a chance this Christmas! PLEASE!


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