All I want for Christmas…

This Christmas

I recently came across this picture on German Shepherd Dog Rescue Facebook group. I have seen that face before. Every time I have visited a dog rescue centre I have seen that look on many faces. There is a question in the eyes, there is a little troubled frown. And there is normally a kennel cage between me and the face.

I often wonder what the face on the other side of the cage is thinking. Probably

Oh Hello! You are looking at me but you will just walk away and I will still be behind this cage. The nice lady/man who looks after me will give me some food and talk to me kindly, maybe let me out to have a little run in the yard but then I will be back here again. Waiting, waiting, waiting… Some days other nice people will come and take me out for a walk on something called a lead. Its nice to stretch my legs, but what I’d really like is to have a good long run. And then they will bring me back here again and I will again be waiting, waiting, waiting… This is my life.

I know how it makes me feel. Sad and wishing I had the health and resources to give them all a happy, free space to run and play and have nice food and toys and a warm bed in the cold weather. Unfortunately I don’t.

But last Christmas one of those faces did come home with me. This face:taj2

Can you see the uncertainty in those eyes? Can you see the worried frown? He didn’t know then that this was his new life. Not inside a cage with lots of other dogs in other cages barking exactly the same thoughts he had while he lived in the shelter, but in a warm house with that gobby black thing called Millie.  And he didn’t even know there were these strange things called toys he could have so much fun with.

If they could talk I bet those eyes have a story to tell. If only He could talk he would be able to tell me what happened to him in the first 3 years of his life and why he was a Rescue Centre inmate. Did anyone ever love him? Did anyone ever play with him? Or was he abandoned like an unwanted toy and went hungry a lot. Is that why he was so thin? And so scared?

But he can’t tell me all these things so I will let these pictures tell you their own story of what happened to that worried frown next! 🙂


Christmas 2012 was a fantastic day! Taj came into our lives on 23rd December, and we came into his. That sad frightened young dog is now a happy happy boy full of mischief, full of life and Taj and his toys cannot be separated. We love our Mr Taj to bits, he has done wonders for Millie and the family is complete again. I sometimes think Bullet’s ghost has found a home too, in Taj!

So just scroll back up to that photo on top of this page again, look into those eyes and give that little fellow or one of his cousins a home. They are all eagerly waiting, with lots of love to give. Adopt a Rescue Dog this Christmas if you are thinking of a companion for yourself and your family. They need a lot of care and some can be a bit of a pain sometimes but its a very small price to pay for the love and fulfilment they will bring into your life! If you love dogs then it will be the Best Christmas Present ever! I promise!

Get in touch with the wonderful people at German Shepherd Dog Rescue, talk to them about the right companion for you and bring him/her home for Christmas.

There are other rescues too if your situation does not allow for a big dog, like The Animal Helpline Dog Rescue near Stamford.


5 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas…”

  1. Great post! I recently made a similar post regarding pet store puppies for Christmas – there are so many wonderful dogs in rescue that need a home this holiday season. Glad to hear your boy is doing wonderfully! 🙂

  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Nice to meet you.
    I just read your post about Puppy mills and totally appreciate the sentiment. In the UK there has been a petition about taking strong action on Puppy farms and it will be debated in parliament soon (Fingers crossed). Whether something comes from the government or not I believe all animal lovers should take the collective responsibility of making people aware of how evil puppy mills are!
    Mr Taj Mahal is doing really well and I think we are his pets! 🙂
    Look forward to reading more posts from you.

  3. Hi, I too have a rescued GSD, he’s white and 6yrs old called Alfie. We have had him a year now. Like yours when we first had him he didn’t understand play, either with his toys or if we messed around as a family! He asks for playtime and cuddles now, and the blank emotionless look has gone from his eyes. He is like a different dog and we all love him to bits.
    He didn’t come from a rescue centre though, but from a family with a young child. They had him since puppyhood, but both worked full time and were out all day for 12 hours or more, so although not in a cage his life was much the same. They used a prong collar to walk him, which I believe you can’t buy in this country and sometimes I wonder he was hit, this is only assumption by watching his behaviour.
    Glad to see your dog is getting a life of fun too, he looks very happy 🙂

  4. Hello Sarah, Thank you for reading and commenting. Lovely to hear you have given Alfie a new life and so much love 🙂 That’s all they want, someone to love who loves them back.
    Thank you for sharing Alfie’s story. Comments like yours help to spread awareness about adopting. There are so many dogs desperate for a home. Some have been through hell. Alfie may not have come to you from a rescue centre but you did rescue him from a life where he was suffering.
    Mr Taj is doing well and he is a very happy dog. He does have issues like aggression towards (some) other dogs and as he has grown in confidence he does bark at visitors.That’s why he sometimes has a muzzle. But he is learning that everyone who comes into the house is not a threat. Lots of patience, lots of love and kind training is the way forward. NEVER a prong collar.

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