Little Hope

Hope is just one of the many reasons why I support Animal Helpline Dog Rescue.

Dogs in Mind

HopeThe reason Dogs in Mind supports Animal Helpline Wansford is because they will always give the oldies a helping hand. Look at this little sweetie who arrived at the rescue at the weekend and is currently in a lovely foster home.


Here is their write up about Hope:

Hope has recently come into our care in a pitiful condition. His coat was badly matted and he had hair loss from flea allergy , his nails were so long that they curled round into the pads of his feet .hope went straight to a foster home to recuperate but Unfortunately for hope his troubles did not stop there . The vet discovered a large mass in his abdomen which has required extensive surgery and once over this he will require a large dental surgery as well .

Hope is perking up in his foster home and likes the company of…

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