Old German Shepherd King – Abused, then Abandoned!!

Update January 2014:  Sadly King slipped away quietly and peacefully on 2nd January. He was cared by his foster mother till his last day. It is a small consolation that he died surrounded by the love he never got for most of his life.

RIP King 2001 – Jan 2nd 2014

Original Post: October 2013

This is King, an 11 year old GSD that was an emergency rescue on Friday 8th February 2013. Julie Wilkinson and Angela Hargreaves of GSDR pulled out all the stops and got him out of the pound in the nick of time – literally hours before he was due to be put to sleep. King is now safe with a GSDR volunteer who will look after him for the rest of his days.

Its for Dogs like King that the charity needs ongoing donations. Your support helps the volunteers to carry on the good work in helping as many dogs as possible lead a safe life.

via king an old german shepherd who has been used abused and abandoned.


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