Decisions… Changes… a Happier ME

I have really neglected this blog (Sorry Doggies) but so much was going on!

The Exhibition at Stamford Arts Centre was the realisation of a dream! 4 years of hard work through ill health, a very difficult economic climate and at the cost of my own sanity at times. It was a successful Exhibition with a group of very talented local artists. Everyone put in a lot work especially my very dear friends Eve Marshall and Cathi Prince. Without them this exhibition would  never have happened! Time to start planning for the future with like minded creative people who share dreams similar to mine 🙂

Stamford Artisans Guild – I have given my baby away… I gave it a lot of thought and with some sadness but not a lot of regret I stepped down from Stamford Artisans Guild Committee. Things have changed and the group is now taking a different direction to what I originally started. I wish them the very best of luck in organising craft fairs. I will be participating in some of them too. But you live and learn and if I had to do it all over again I would do it differently. But that’s water under the bridge. No regrets.

So, I have started volunteering for German Shepherds Dog Rescue because I really admire and respect what they do, I am helping my friend Lynn from Dogs in Mind who volunteers for Animal Helpline, and  Mr A & I have a few projects to work on for our businesses. Its all good, I am much more relaxed and I know who my real friends are. Which means a happier me.

And it also means you will once again have to put up with lots of posts about Rescue Dogs in desperate need of homes, help, kindness and love!



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