Bead Soup to the rescue


I had a long day at work. One of those days where there’s more problems than solutions. When I finally got home, I was thrilled to find that my Bead Soup, from Shalini Austin, had arrived. Definitely a pick-me-up.

Shalini sent me a treasure trove of goodies, all wrapped up in separate bags with a little note. I discovered that she had made a number of the components, including these lovely wire flower links.

P1030955 Wire flower links

Shalini works primarily in wire and I had admired similar flowers in the jewelry on her blog/website. So I was delighted to receive some od my very own. The photos don’t do them justice – they are very pretty.

P1030972 Close up – wire flower link

Shalini also sent me a Kumihimo cord made of organza ribbon. I’ve never worked with this type of cord before, but now I have 30 inches to play with…

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