Natural Rawfood Diet For Dogs

Helpful information from German Shepherd Dog Rescue : Guidelines for feeding your dog a healthy natural rawfood diet.

Full article here:  Natural Rawfood Diet For Dogs.


  • A natural diet alleviates sensitive tummies, the result, easy to pick up well formed stools
  • No more upset tummies
  • The nutrients in a raw natural diet are easily assimilated during digestion
  • Many dogs with serious skin allergies, ear infections, hair loss, regular parasite infections and even aggression benefit from a natural raw diet and become miraculously cured of their long-suffering ailments
  • When you feed your dog a natural raw diet, you know exactly what he/she is eating and are aware of every ingredient that your dog is consuming
  • Teeth that are cleaned whilst eating, naturally, by chewing on bones, chicken backs, meat organs etc., so avoiding periodontal disease, which in turn directly affects the vital organs in the body, so common today
  • Reduces the risk of contortion
  • A real bonus is that a natural raw diet, with the help of your friendly butcher, works out very much cheaper to feed
  • It is a joy to see how much your dogs enjoy a raw diet, they do not leave any and they just love it. The result is a content, happy, healthy dog.



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