Running Marathons! OK…

Fundraising - claire
We are running the Chester Metric Marathon on 5th October 2014, please help us meet our target and raise £600.00

OK people, this is my friend Claire. I think she is bonkers because she likes running marathons. Not only that she ropes in her friends to do it too! Not me of course because I am a lazy sod and prefer to let my fingers do the running… along my keyboard!

Claire ran a half marathon in the middle of summer and now she is going to run the Chester Metric Marathon in October.

So she is a little mad and she does things I don’t, then why are we friends? Because we both care very much about a common cause. Rescue Animals in Need.

Claire (in red) and her friend Katie will be running in the Chester Metric Marathon to raise money for a rescue very close to my heart – German Shepherd Dog Rescue and for Capricorn Animal Rescue

Could you give them your encouragement and support? The donations will go to help the tireless work of both these rescues and help unwanted, abandoned and often abused animals in desperate need of shelter, food and love.

via Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Team KatieClaire’s fundraising page.

German Shepherd Dog Rescue is a rescue run by a dedicated group of volunteers with a love of German Shepherds, giving their time and devotion to the welfare of this wonderful breed. We rescue and rehome German Shepherds across the country.

Capricorn Animal Rescue has been established since 1983 and takes in all types unwanted, orphaned, abandoned and abused animals from around the North West and beyond.  We are run by a dedicated team of volunteers who give their time freely to care for the animals in the Sanctuary.  We are open 7 days a week and on call 24 hours for emergency animal care.



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