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EU VAT – How Did The First Week Go? It’s Not Pretty…

#EUVAT: This really is grim reading 😦
At present my business is not directly affected because I don’t sell any digital goods / services (Or whatever the EU views them as !) But it does affect my future plans. And it is having a devastating affect on so many small businesses, including businesses owned by my friends.


Food Appeal for Rescue Dogs in Stamford Area

Do you shop at Sainsbury’s in Stamford?

Next time you are buying your weekly food supplies there could you possibly buy a bag of dog food and put it into this shopping trolley stationed at the store? sainsburys appeal 2This Food Appeal Basket is for Wansford based Dog Rescue Animal Helpine.

They rescue unwanted dogs and puppies, and re-home to new loving homes. Thousands of unwanted dogs, strays and pound dogs have found their way through the Homes 4 Dogs kennels during the 30 years they have been rescuing dogs. Two biggest costs any rescue / animal shelter faces are Vet Bills and Dog Food. Next time you shop for food for your furry family just one spare bag, even a small one, will be a big help to the dogs in rescue who totally rely on charity and goodwill of animal lovers for their survival. And even if you don’t have a dog, could you spare a few pounds to buy a bag of dog food for her?

006-1All my dogs in the UK have been adopted through this wonderful rescue run by Ros and her team of dedicated volunteers. This is the newest addition to our family, Manali. We adopted her 5 weeks ago. Isn’t she lovely? She had been at the rescue a while. They saved her, got her vet checked, micro-chipped, spayed and cared for her till she found us (or we found her). And of course Animal Helpline fed her!

Manali (was Bongo) is a big girl and she would have needed a fair amount of dog food daily, yes? As do all the dogs still in the rescue kennels. And that’s where your food donations help! The dog food you donate will go to feed the Dogs in Animal Helpline care as they wait for their forever homes.

Whatever you can spare will be gratefully received by the charity and will really help the poor homeless dogs in their care. Thank you! 

Sergio the Shar Pei fights off dog thieves

Brave Dog! Well done Sergio! 

Too many dog theft incidents being reported lately and some of these thugs are really quite vicious in their attacks on the owners to get the dog.

Please be careful  and if you can please avoid walking your dogs in lonely areas, especially when its dark. 

Sergio the Shar Pei fights off dog thieves | Granada – ITV News.