Christmas 2014 Dog Food Appeal

If you are based in Stamford / Peterborough area could you support Animal Helpline Dog Rescue with a small donation of Dog Food this Christmas?
They have so many dogs to feed and more and more unwanted dogs keep arriving from the pound into their rescue Kennels.

Dogs in Mind

As the season of goodwill approaches many of the Animal Helpline Dog Rescue dogs that we have saved will have found a forever loving home. Although many still wait and of course at this very busy festive season more arrive daily. christmas appeal 2014We have added a food appeal poster to the front of our website which you can display at workplaces or schools in the hope that visitors will donate food for our current canine friends that are with us. Thank you for considering Animal Helpline Dog rescue this Christmas.

Animlal Helpline

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Evaluating What Makes a Shopping Cart Work Best

Very interesting and useful post.

Lorelle on WordPress

WordPress PluginsBefore you check out your next WordPress shopping cart or ecommerce WordPress Plugin, you need to read this.

In April 2011, Smashing Magazine published “Fundamental Guidelines Of E-Commerce Checkout Design” in their UX (User Experience) column exploring what they called the “harsh reality” of e-commerce websites.

According to recent e-commerce studies, at least 59.8% of potential customers abandon their shopping cart (MarketingSherpa puts it at 59.8%, SeeWhy at 83% and MarketLive at 62.14%). The main question is why do customers abandon their shopping cart so often? Is there some fundamental mistake that designers of e-commerce websites do very often?

They reported on a usability study they launched in 2010 focused on the checkout user experience. They wanted to document everything that happened throughout the entire experience to determine if there were answers to the questions that plague e-commerce sites. The results left them with 11 fundamental guidelines that…

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It’ll never happen to me……..Ooops, it just did

We have been guilty of throwing sticks for the dogs in the past but not any more! Not since Mr Taj came back with a bleeding tongue. It was only a tiny nick and nothing compared to what poor jet has been through but it was a wake up call we needed!


Once again I’m sort of a bearer of sad news… not the worst, but sad.  A friend shared a post on Joe’s Facebook page .. STICK INJURY . The guy’s story follows at the end of this.  I will not add to it other than say that PEOPLE WITH DOGS, NEAR DOGS, LOOKING AFTER A FRIENDS’ DOG, please do not use a piece of tree in any form as a toy for a dog. Throw a frisby, and old tied and knotted rope, a large-ish ball, a dog toy …ANYTHING but sticks and wood.

After over 140000 views on Joe’s story,, numerous views on his facebook page, views tweets and retweets on twitter and word of mouth via other circles I believed naively that people were getting the message.  To read those words ‘it’ll never happen to me’. made me shiver.

Martyn and Jet’s story


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Running Marathons! OK…

Fundraising - claire
We are running the Chester Metric Marathon on 5th October 2014, please help us meet our target and raise £600.00

OK people, this is my friend Claire. I think she is bonkers because she likes running marathons. Not only that she ropes in her friends to do it too! Not me of course because I am a lazy sod and prefer to let my fingers do the running… along my keyboard!

Claire ran a half marathon in the middle of summer and now she is going to run the Chester Metric Marathon in October.

So she is a little mad and she does things I don’t, then why are we friends? Because we both care very much about a common cause. Rescue Animals in Need.

Claire (in red) and her friend Katie will be running in the Chester Metric Marathon to raise money for a rescue very close to my heart – German Shepherd Dog Rescue and for Capricorn Animal Rescue

Could you give them your encouragement and support? The donations will go to help the tireless work of both these rescues and help unwanted, abandoned and often abused animals in desperate need of shelter, food and love.

via Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Team KatieClaire’s fundraising page.

German Shepherd Dog Rescue is a rescue run by a dedicated group of volunteers with a love of German Shepherds, giving their time and devotion to the welfare of this wonderful breed. We rescue and rehome German Shepherds across the country.

Capricorn Animal Rescue has been established since 1983 and takes in all types unwanted, orphaned, abandoned and abused animals from around the North West and beyond.  We are run by a dedicated team of volunteers who give their time freely to care for the animals in the Sanctuary.  We are open 7 days a week and on call 24 hours for emergency animal care.


Lunita needs some love.


Very little is known about Lunita other than she ended up in a kill shelter where she became very sad and depressed and was on borrowed time. She was probably a stray, she has had puppies, she has scars and tears on the end of the ears which suggest she has been attacked.Despite what she has been through, since her release she has shown herself to be an absolutely delightful dog who loves all people and is good with other dogs.

via Lunita – Hereford : Rescue German Shepherd Dogs and Puppies for Adoption.

Chance – Rescued from Hell!

I remember every day from there…. I remember because I still have the wounds..all over my body….I fought hard to survive, I fought for my life.., but i cant remember anything before the hell. Who I am? I don’t know, I had no name, no home, nothing…

We can only imagine the hell Chance has been through but now he is safe and needs a home where he will get lots of TLC.

via Chance – Hereford : Rescue German Shepherd Dogs and Puppies for Adoption.

Aid for Alfie

Dogs in Mind

AlfiePoor Alfie arrived at Animal Helpline in a sorry state. His ears were full of pus, his paws were chewed, and as an older Lab (8y/o) he desperately needed our help.

To bring Alfie back to health, he needs a £1400 ear operation, a massive cost for a small rescue.

Please help us to give Alfie a fresh start. How you can help:

Visit Animal Helpline’s Wansford Dog show on 23rd August

The Haycock Hotel
Wansford, Peterborough PE8 6JA


You can also enter our raffle to win a Private Hire Night worth up to £185 at Activity World, Padholme Road East, Peterborough

Alfie2Buy tickets at the venue reception desk, or email

Just £1! £4 for 5

Winner will be drawn 14th Sept at Oakham dog show.


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Juno… I don’t want to spend my life in kennels


I have been in rescue a long time now and spent a year in boarding kennels. Although they have been very nice to me, I really would love a real or even foster home.

Beautiful Juno – please take me home

via Juno – Newport : Rescue German Shepherd Dogs and Puppies for Adoption.

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