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Food Appeal for Rescue Dogs in Stamford Area

Do you shop at Sainsbury’s in Stamford?

Next time you are buying your weekly food supplies there could you possibly buy a bag of dog food and put it into this shopping trolley stationed at the store? sainsburys appeal 2This Food Appeal Basket is for Wansford based Dog Rescue Animal Helpine.

They rescue unwanted dogs and puppies, and re-home to new loving homes. Thousands of unwanted dogs, strays and pound dogs have found their way through the Homes 4 Dogs kennels during the 30 years they have been rescuing dogs. Two biggest costs any rescue / animal shelter faces are Vet Bills and Dog Food. Next time you shop for food for your furry family just one spare bag, even a small one, will be a big help to the dogs in rescue who totally rely on charity and goodwill of animal lovers for their survival. And even if you don’t have a dog, could you spare a few pounds to buy a bag of dog food for her?

006-1All my dogs in the UK have been adopted through this wonderful rescue run by Ros and her team of dedicated volunteers. This is the newest addition to our family, Manali. We adopted her 5 weeks ago. Isn’t she lovely? She had been at the rescue a while. They saved her, got her vet checked, micro-chipped, spayed and cared for her till she found us (or we found her). And of course Animal Helpline fed her!

Manali (was Bongo) is a big girl and she would have needed a fair amount of dog food daily, yes? As do all the dogs still in the rescue kennels. And that’s where your food donations help! The dog food you donate will go to feed the Dogs in Animal Helpline care as they wait for their forever homes.

Whatever you can spare will be gratefully received by the charity and will really help the poor homeless dogs in their care. Thank you! 


We will be at the Wansford Dog Show « Jewellery By Shalini

Do come along to the FUN DOG SHOW At Wansford Horticultural Society’s Annual Show Saturday 23rd August Haycock Hotel Wansford. £1 entrance.

via We will be at the Wansford Dog Show « Jewellery By Shalini.

Rescue Puppy Jude – homes 4 dogs

Update: 20 January 2014: Jude has been adopted. Good Luck baby x

Jude is an absolute delight and is currently sharing his foster home with other dogs who he loves to play with.

Jude is 4 month old male Jack Russell x looking for a home. This little lad has a smashing character, is toilet trained and sleeps soundly at night snuggled in his crate. He walks lovely on his lead and already knows a few commands.

Jude didn’t have a great start in life but is now a typical fun loving pupster who’s 2014 wish is to find a loving, forever home. Please share information about this very special boy and make his dream come true.

via Home wanted  – homes 4 dogs. Images courtesy Dogs in Mind

New Year… New Dogs… Same Old Story…

New Year message from Animal Helpline Dog Rescue:

As the New year begins so does the influx of unwanted dogs, pounds are full to bursting and so are we. Please consider a rescue dog or share our dogs to help us find them loving homes and so make room for another desperate poundie.

Website: Welcome – homes 4 dogs.

Animal Helpline Dog Rescue is on Leicester Rd, Wansford, Cambridgeshire PE8 6NN
just off the A47 near Peterborough, not far from raf Wittering on the A1 and from Stamford in Lincolnshire.

Season’s Greetings!

Wishing Everyone A HAPPY CHRISTMAS especially the wonderful volunteers at Animal Helpline Dog Rescue and Germans Shepherd Dog Rescue.

Christmas 4

And a Special Christmas mention for all those who work through the Christmas Holidays to keep the rest of us safe… Police, Fire Service, Nurses and Doctors & other essential service providers.

Animal Helpline Dog Rescue Xmas Newsletter

Animlal Helpline xmas newsletter

Lots of stories updating you on what has been happening at the rescue based in Wansford near Stamford, Lincolnshire.

Click the link to view the Animal Helpline Christmas Newsletter

Animal Helpline is a dog rescue taking in unwanted pets & strays and re-homing to loving new owners. Animal helpline is now a registered charity: number 1151287

Our special appeal is for the dog that most people would not give a second glance to. Most people when looking for a new companion are looking for a Spaniel, Labrador, little dog or Collie type. This appeal is for the dogs that would normally have to wait many months for new homes because of how they look. These dogs all have huge potential and lots of love to give, they just need that special person to look beyond and see the wonderful dog they really are.

Animal Helpline Dog Rescue Food Appeal

Animlal Helpline

Next time you go shopping, buy a couple of cans or a bag of dog food for your local Dog Rescue. If you are in Stamford / Peterborough area you can contact Animal Helpline Dog Rescue by phone or email to check how the food can be delivered to them.

And if you have old duvets, rugs or throws please donate them too. Kennel dogs will be so grateful!

THINK Before Buying a Puppy this Christmas!

Every January Dog Rescues receive new residents because someone thought buying a cute little puppy was such a good Christmas present idea! And then on Boxing Day realised that it was not a cuddly toy that could be put away in a box after the kids finished playing with it or got bored with it.

Christmas Dog 1
Image credit: Shared via German Shepherd Dog Rescue Facebook group

And so the cycle continues… And Puppy Farms thrive… And the work of  Dog rescues and animal shelters becomes tougher and tougher with more and more dogs getting abandoned.

So PLEASE THINK! Do you have the time and the energy to bring up a puppy? It will grow bigger and it will need daily walks and occasionally there will be vet bills. Oh and it needs to be fed too, every day!

And if you do have the time, energy, funds and genuinely want a companion please contact a reputable Dog Rescue like German Shepherd Dog Rescue. They have many beautiful dogs in kennels desperately waiting for a forever home. Give a kennel dog a warm, comfortable home this Christmas.

I hear you say you would love to adopt a dog but a small one, a German Shepherd could be too big for you to manage. OK. Contact your local dog rescue, there are all breeds of lovely dogs waiting. There are many Animal rescues all over the country, search on the internet for one in your area. If you are in the Stamford – Peterborough area I can recommend Animal Helpline Dog Rescue where all my dogs were adopted from. They have lovely Staffy, Jack Russell and other small to medium breed dogs who are equally in need of a loving home.

Give Kennel Dogs in Rescue Shelters a chance this Christmas! PLEASE!