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Season’s Greetings!

Wishing Everyone A HAPPY CHRISTMAS especially the wonderful volunteers at Animal Helpline Dog Rescue and Germans Shepherd Dog Rescue.

Christmas 4

And a Special Christmas mention for all those who work through the Christmas Holidays to keep the rest of us safe… Police, Fire Service, Nurses and Doctors & other essential service providers.


Dear Santa, My Name is Khan and I am a Good Boy

Dear Santa,

Please could you find me a forever home this Christmas?

My name is Khan, I’m just one year old and the horrid person that bought me off the internet was going to have me put down because his bitch wouldn’t mate with me!! GSDR very kindly gave me shelter until a new home could be found. I love all people including little ones and I love other dogs. Best of all, I love a kiss and a cuddle. 

Khan – Newport Gwent : Rescue German Shepherd Dogs and Puppies for Adoption.

German Shepherd Dog Rescue Xmas Newsletter

GSDR- xmas Newsletter

Another fantastic read! Grab yourself a coffee and enjoy the latest updates and news about all the wonderful work the Rescue volunteers do!

Click here to view the  Full PDF Newsletter.

You can visit the GSDR website to see how you can support the work they do in rescuing, re-homing and caring for German Shepherds in the UK and often offering a helping hand to dogs abroad too.

Christmas is almost here. Chenko and his kennel friends wrote a letter to Santa. Will Santa give Chenko and friends their wish? Could you put in a word for them and remind Santa for them? And share the letter with your friends too? Please?


Animal Helpline Dog Rescue Xmas Newsletter

Animlal Helpline xmas newsletter

Lots of stories updating you on what has been happening at the rescue based in Wansford near Stamford, Lincolnshire.

Click the link to view the Animal Helpline Christmas Newsletter

Animal Helpline is a dog rescue taking in unwanted pets & strays and re-homing to loving new owners. Animal helpline is now a registered charity: number 1151287

Our special appeal is for the dog that most people would not give a second glance to. Most people when looking for a new companion are looking for a Spaniel, Labrador, little dog or Collie type. This appeal is for the dogs that would normally have to wait many months for new homes because of how they look. These dogs all have huge potential and lots of love to give, they just need that special person to look beyond and see the wonderful dog they really are.

All I want for Christmas…

This Christmas

I recently came across this picture on German Shepherd Dog Rescue Facebook group. I have seen that face before. Every time I have visited a dog rescue centre I have seen that look on many faces. There is a question in the eyes, there is a little troubled frown. And there is normally a kennel cage between me and the face.

I often wonder what the face on the other side of the cage is thinking. Probably

Oh Hello! You are looking at me but you will just walk away and I will still be behind this cage. The nice lady/man who looks after me will give me some food and talk to me kindly, maybe let me out to have a little run in the yard but then I will be back here again. Waiting, waiting, waiting… Some days other nice people will come and take me out for a walk on something called a lead. Its nice to stretch my legs, but what I’d really like is to have a good long run. And then they will bring me back here again and I will again be waiting, waiting, waiting… This is my life.

I know how it makes me feel. Sad and wishing I had the health and resources to give them all a happy, free space to run and play and have nice food and toys and a warm bed in the cold weather. Unfortunately I don’t.

But last Christmas one of those faces did come home with me. This face:taj2

Can you see the uncertainty in those eyes? Can you see the worried frown? He didn’t know then that this was his new life. Not inside a cage with lots of other dogs in other cages barking exactly the same thoughts he had while he lived in the shelter, but in a warm house with that gobby black thing called Millie.  And he didn’t even know there were these strange things called toys he could have so much fun with.

If they could talk I bet those eyes have a story to tell. If only He could talk he would be able to tell me what happened to him in the first 3 years of his life and why he was a Rescue Centre inmate. Did anyone ever love him? Did anyone ever play with him? Or was he abandoned like an unwanted toy and went hungry a lot. Is that why he was so thin? And so scared?

But he can’t tell me all these things so I will let these pictures tell you their own story of what happened to that worried frown next! 🙂


Christmas 2012 was a fantastic day! Taj came into our lives on 23rd December, and we came into his. That sad frightened young dog is now a happy happy boy full of mischief, full of life and Taj and his toys cannot be separated. We love our Mr Taj to bits, he has done wonders for Millie and the family is complete again. I sometimes think Bullet’s ghost has found a home too, in Taj!

So just scroll back up to that photo on top of this page again, look into those eyes and give that little fellow or one of his cousins a home. They are all eagerly waiting, with lots of love to give. Adopt a Rescue Dog this Christmas if you are thinking of a companion for yourself and your family. They need a lot of care and some can be a bit of a pain sometimes but its a very small price to pay for the love and fulfilment they will bring into your life! If you love dogs then it will be the Best Christmas Present ever! I promise!

Get in touch with the wonderful people at German Shepherd Dog Rescue, talk to them about the right companion for you and bring him/her home for Christmas.

There are other rescues too if your situation does not allow for a big dog, like The Animal Helpline Dog Rescue near Stamford.

01 December: Stamford’s Own Handmade Christmas Market

Dec-art 1

Let’s make it a really special Hand-Made Christmas once again this year! A fantastic opportunity to support local artisans, designers and makers and buy hand-made gifts for Christmas!

Buy Local, Buy Handmade.  

Help support your local craft community and small businesses!

via 01 December: Stamford’s Own Handmade Christmas Market « Stamford Artisans Guild.

Animal Helpline Dog Rescue Food Appeal

Animlal Helpline

Next time you go shopping, buy a couple of cans or a bag of dog food for your local Dog Rescue. If you are in Stamford / Peterborough area you can contact Animal Helpline Dog Rescue by phone or email to check how the food can be delivered to them.

And if you have old duvets, rugs or throws please donate them too. Kennel dogs will be so grateful!

German Shepherd dogs in rescue kennels for too long

All of these dogs have now been in rescue for as much as a year or more. Please can we appeal to people to come forward and either offer to foster or provide a permanent home for one of these lovely dogs and make sure that they don’t have to spend any longer in kennels unwanted and unloved.

via German Shepherd dogs in rescue kennels for too long.