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More on #EUVAT – Hannah’s Bananas – a #VATMOSS analogy | Hannah Kate

Anyone who is still wondering why I keep talking about EU Vat and VAT Moss PLEASE spare a couple of minutes and read this post by Hannah Kate.  It is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!

Now my banana stall’s future looks bleak, and I can’t seem to get any answers from Mr Moss. Apparently, an apple stall from Green Street has been told the new laws don’t apply to them, and the man who sells strawberries on Red Street hasn’t heard anything at all. I think the cherry-seller on Blue Street has just buried her head in the sand and pretended this has nothing to do with her. I’m currently being bombarded by people offering to take people’s fingerprints for me (for a price), and the powers-that-be just won’t accept that banana stalls like mine actually exist.

Is there any future for my little stall?

via Hannah’s Bananas – a #VATMOSS analogy | Hannah Kate.


UPDATE: How Not To Let EU VAT Ruin Your Christmas – Or Your Business

This is a very useful article detailing the progress being made on our behalf regarding #EUVAT.
I cannot thank the EU Vat Action group enough for what they are doing to help tiny businesses.
Please keep sharing and spreading the word. Thanks 🙂

It’s Not ‘All Ears’, It’s Action Too In The European Commission On EU VAT

New EU VAT laws will affect small businesses & their customers massively!
The EUVat Action group – http://euvataction.org/ – has been working tirelessly to find some solutions for small business owners like myself and I am VERY grateful. There is some progress and some positivity and it appears some people in the EU are listening. Hopefully they will act soon to stop many businesses form closing down or changing how they currently work.