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Ten Signs That You Need to Get Up and Walk Away

When I read this post earlier today two points really seemed to strike a cord in relation to a certain chapter of  my life in recent years. And I think I made the right decision to walk away. Sometimes you just have to.

It’s just not fun anymore. One day it was one big barrel of smiles, the next no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to get the corners of your mouth to turn skyward.

Your va-va-voom has va-va-gone. Life is wearing a heavy cloak of dullness, dragging you down and sapping you of all the sparkly zest that you once effortlessly effervesced‎.

Do read this excellent article by . Some great advise!

Ten Signs That You Need to Get Up and Walk Away.

And THIS! Because I was always too tired or too stressed …

You don’t want to dance anymore. For me this is the most serious of all. If one of my favourite tunes drifts across the room and I feel no compulsion whatsoever to leap to my feet and bust a few moves then something is very wrong. My kilter is skewed.

Not any more! I know which way I am headed once again.


The Vintage Magpie: Don’t Call Me Cute …

The Vintage Magpie: Don’t Call Me Cute ….
This is my inspiration piece for #DHLchain Crafty Blogger Challenge… I am now working on my piece to send the next blogger in the Chinese Whisper chain.