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Chance – Rescued from Hell!

I remember every day from there…. I remember because I still have the wounds..all over my body….I fought hard to survive, I fought for my life.., but i cant remember anything before the hell. Who I am? I don’t know, I had no name, no home, nothing…

We can only imagine the hell Chance has been through but now he is safe and needs a home where he will get lots of TLC.

via Chance – Hereford : Rescue German Shepherd Dogs and Puppies for Adoption.


Little Alfy Desperately needs a New Home

Barney in Bristol is looking for his Forever Home

Can you help this beautiful Dog?

Sadly, Barney has lost his right eye due to a tumour in 2013 but is otherwise a healthy dog.

Handsome Barney is an 8 year old castrated long coated male who unfortunately is being re-homed through no fault of his own, he has been with his current owners since he was a puppy.

via Barney – Bristol : Rescue German Shepherd Dogs and Puppies for Adoption.

Sam in Middlesex URGENTLY needs a new Home

Sam is an older boy who is a little insecure  when our assessor took him out for a walk, he is protective over his owners and they now have lost confidence in him.

He is looking for a quiet home where he will have a strong leader so he doesn’t feel he needs to protect. In the right home he will be a lovely boy but he will need guidelines from day one so he knows he is not alpha dog.  Any one who is used to German shepherds as a breed and have owned them will understand his trait and will be able to teach him to relax and not guard.

via Sam – Middlesex : Rescue German Shepherd Dogs and Puppies for Adoption.

A Happy Story to brighten up this Dull Thursday

I recognise that worried frown only too well! It took Taj about two weeks to get rid of his! And I wouldn’t trade the mischievous look that sits in its place now for anything! 🙂