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Video Appeal by GSDR Volunteer Si

Heartfelt video by German Shepherd Dog Rescue Volunteer Si which explains a lot better than I ever could why I support this wonderful Rescue.


Donations save Lives. Just ask Coco!

Let me tell you about Coco.  Against all odds, not only did little Coco survive parvo, she also came through thoracic surgery for Persistent Right Aortic Arch. Without the support and donations from some very kind people I don’t even want to think about what might have been!


On 11 May 2014 two teams of dedicated volunteers will be running the Leeds Half Marathon to raise much needed funds for dogs like Coco. Please help support their effort.

Rescue Dogs like Coco and all the other dogs I write about on this blog need you! 


coco-fundraise-4Coco was one of the lucky ones, she was brought into rescue just in the nick of time. She has the full backing of everyone at GSDR and she wants to help other less fortunate than herself. Please donate so we can make the lives of many more of our furbabies in the future.

Coco’s Dad Andy

Grateful thanks to Helen Preshous for the fabulous photos of Coco & friends on the beach.



Volunteer for German Shepherd Dog Rescue

Did you know it can take in excess of 6 hours to re-home a Rescue Dog? And that is just the actual rehoming! Dogs in care have the same needs as your pet dog and volunteers do their best to make life as normal as possible for dogs desperately waiting for a forever home.

Rescue Groups like German Shepherd Dog Rescue need your help to be able to help more dogs in their care!

Do you have a few hours a week to make a difference to a Dog’s life?